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Help Wanted - no kisses & hugs anymore
03/05/2008 at 20:44 PM

My 6 year old son has pulled away and doesn't like us to show affection to him now.  Is this a common problem?  This is his first year of school and so I can understand he'd be uncomfortable of hugs and kisses in public, in front of people, but he's the same way at home, in private.  We've always been a snuggly family, but he resists our hugs and kisses, and doesn't like to snuggle, even at bedtime.  What can I do?  I want to respect his wishes, but I'm worried.

My little boy is seven and I remember when he was six and he first told me not to hug him or say I love you.  It was always at school and he explained that he was embarrassed, but he also started to turn his cheek for a kiss at home or patting me instead of hugging me tight.  I think your little guy not wanting to snuggle at all is a little more extreme, but I would not worry too much over it.  I would say ask him why he does not snuggle as much and then give him a break from it.  I bet he will change his mind when he is feeling ill or needy.  He might just be trying to be a big boy now.