Help for Son without friends
06/03/2013 at 17:46 PM

Ok I will make this short to the point. Live in the country go to a small school. Son has adhd, was not treated for many years was aggressive and no one was/is like him. Because of that boys make fun of him and say "oh don't be friends with him" have had many birthday parties and no one comes. Only invited to one birthday party in kindergarten. he is now going into fifth grade. He will say hi to kids and they totally ignore him. Of course i want to take him out and send him to another school. His dad doesn't says he will be fine. Well now when I ask son if he wants to go somewhere else he says he will be fine. He is very influenced by his father. Tonight I took him to bible school and they put him in a group with toddlers and the boys in his class were in a group together. I just feel like he will always suffer and not make friends and I am the only one that cares. People say it is "cliquish" out here and I am not apart of it. So I don't think that helps the situation. When do I know when I need to take him out and send him to another school. No friends says he is "ok" but I don't think he is. How would I know or be able to find out. Should I take him out and send him to anther school or make him just stay there. I do have a daughter in the school also and she doesn't have any close friends either. Is this healthy? Please tell me what you all think. THANKS>