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HELP! Need Advice on a Parent Subject!!
11/15/2009 at 12:33 PM

I need some advice from other parents or the pros on something that occurred in my house this morning. I am a mother to 2 teenage girls. I also work full-time and my office is in my house. I work 8-5 and then become a chauffer after this as both my kids are involved in sports. My husband is a great dad and he does help out....I'm not saying he doesn't by any means. So, what's the issue? Here's my story this morning......

I am a busy mother and also work full-time. I not only have my two kids to look after and cart around each day but we also have 3 dogs that are part of our family. They are not new. they have been with us for YEARS. I am an animal lover as are my kids. My husband claims to be one too but I think he is more the "tolerant type". He likes them but if he's not instructed to let them out, feed them, walk them....etc.....none of it gets done. he has never taken any one of them to the vet, gotten their shots done, licenses paid for, or taken them to the groomer. I do it all. My point is this, on the weekends, I would like some down time too and I would like some help with the dogs that I DO NOT HAVE TO ASK FOR! No reminders, no prompting, no taking time to make sure evryone is doing what the dogs need. They get walked and fed on a schedule for the most part. I am the primary person who does this. On the weekends, I would like some help so I'm not the only one that the dogs feel they can come to for care. This morning, I got to sleep in until 8:30. My husband did get up before me and did take the dogs out to potty so they would not have a meltdown or an accident. However, upon waking up, I got bum-rushed by 3 dogs who were all over me and very "crazy". Why? because no one fed them! They eat twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. They were hungry and instead of feeding them on time, my one daughter and my husband plopped on the couch in front of the TV and made them wait until THEY were ready to feed them. It backfired. I got up for the dy and the dogs immediately ran to me because they were ignored by everyone else! What a way to wake up! Bum-rushed by a pack of hungry dogs and two lumps on the couch who wanted to do as the pleased instead of just feed them and get it out of the way.
Oh....and might I add that they were watching a recorded show. One that can be paused at any time and come back to it. Nobody moved. I got up, prepared the dogs food bowls, and fed them. I feel like my life is like that Bill Murray movie called Groundhog Day. It repeats like a bad novel. When I addressed the dogs not being fed and was angry about it, my husband tells me, "Well, I was just about to get up and feed them and then you came out and they got all crazy because they are manipulating you." My husband is always "just about" to do stuff. Like I could be carrying a 20 ton laundry basket full of clean clothes past him and when I'm three inches from its destination, he asks if I need help. Ya' think? Really? He is a helpful person but realizes NOTHING and has to be prompted to do just about EVERYTHING. I am the exact opposite. I see that crap has to be done, so I do it. Without an invitaion or having to be told or given a list. My daughter, she knows better too. She is studying to be a vet and knows darn well the dogs are hungry and need to be fed. Instead, she sat there with her dad on the couch and probably figured that someone else would eventually feed them!
My question to all of you is I have a right to be mad at what happened this morning or am I being ridiculous and overly dramatic? I asked both of them to apaologize to me for the junk with the dogs. My teenager did apologize but probably to just let it be over. My husband insists that I am wrong and that the dogs will be fed on "his schedule" not theirs and that they will wait if he sees fit to make them wait. He said I am being manipulated by the dogs. Gee, I thought I was just being a good pet owner! Please help me! can anyone shed some light on how I feel or do I deserve a nice trip to put my own nose in the corner?