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Help improve vocabulary!!!
04/25/2013 at 12:05 PM

What can a parent do to help his child expand vocabulary, are there any games or activities as such. Please add your replies here and share what you would do to help improve your child's skills.

The best way to build a great vocabulary is through developing good conversation with your kid and using some tough word with its synonyms at the same time that can help them to learn the meaning of word. Make the kid the habit of reading books before bed and during the day. Bring any object in front of them and let them learn what it is. This would give them a practical lesson.

You can have a running word list on your fridge or wall. If you make something a challenge kids usually love it. Anytime your child learns a new word you can add it to the list. You can see how many new words they learn in a week and try to break their previous score. In my classroom we have our alphabet listed vertically. Through the week we try to fill up ever letter with a new word. This is very challenging but motivates kids to look up words and meanings of letters that aren't as common. Lastly I would stress visuals. I teach in an esl classroom (English as the second language). Kids learn new words best by acting them out, writing them, or drawing a picture. This doesn't have to be formal. It could just be through casual conversation leading into a fun activity. Ex you child hears the word humorous. Explain the word and make a silly face. " let's draw the most humorous picture we can think of". Then write out the word.

Thank you so much for the valuable replies and Pearl your suggestion was very interesting. I will definitely try it out and hang a paper with the list of words that my kid learns. I know that the daycare center and at school they would be learning much but I just want him to learn on his own and have the curiosity to listen to a word, know its meaning, its spelling, etc.