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Help Emabarrasing accident at school
08/27/2007 at 02:53 AM

Hi there

I am needing some advice my 9 yr old daughter wet her pants at school a month or so ago, she hasnt had an accident since she was 5 years old and she doesnt wet the bed. The teacher rang me and asked me to come down to the school, she explained that my daughter had asked to do to the bathroom and she had said yes straight away when she didnt return after 5mins she sent another girl to go check on her and of course the girl came running back in yelling shes wet her pants, much to my daughters embarrasement. I asked my daughter what happened and she just said she couldnt hold on. I thought she is a bit old for this and should be able to control it but let it go. Since this issue she has started wetting her bed and had wet her pants 1 other time when at ballet. (this time she wasnt allowed to go to the toilet straight away but only had to wait 5 mins). I have had her to the doc twice and eliminated urinary tract infect and we have had no big events or up heavals, does any one else have a child who has had an accident at school... how did you deal with it??? Thanks

Hey nzermum,


I am sorry to hear that your daughter is having these embarassing accidents.  We have not experienced this here but this summer we took a group of kids to Europe and we did have one girl who had an accident when she was forced to hold it too long.


What does her doctor say besides that there is no urinary tract infection?  Does the doctor have any idea why this would be happening now? 


Perhaps she is waiting too long to ask to go to the bathroom or not realizing it soon enough.  Also, have you talked to her about whether or not anything has happened that is making this happen?


Anyone else have any ideas or experience with this?