11/23/2011 at 11:37 AM

Alexander is having issues eating and sleeping (naps and night time) hes start to eat sometimes but he was eating nothing not even pizza his favorite. i make him stuff he likes and he sometimes eats and sometimes doesn't. its frustrating (cause you know he like its)

Plus now he wont nap, and he needs it cause by supper time he gets whiny and cranky, and during the night hes be coming to our bed. i know i should be taking him back to his bed but i don't always wake up (and daddy never wakes up lol) and sometimes its at like 630 and hes up by 8am so it doesn't seem worth it.

i know all parents go through this, an i know a lot of the problem could be he went from getting to do what he was when he lived with just his dad to moving in here and i have rules and i expect him to behave and eat (as well as a 4 year old can) so from going for nothing to all this he will fight it but its starting to break me down i feel like i'm never going to win this one.

Any advice???