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Happy Mother's Day
05/08/2011 at 00:26 AM

Happy Mother's Day to all our great Mother's out there. I hope you all have a great day with your children and get treated like Queens all day long. Share with us some of your favorite traditions on Mother's Day, what do you love to do, what does your family do for you. What do you do for your own Mother.

In Britain, our Mothering Sunday was in April. Happy Mothering Sunday to you all over there.In our family we do not do a lot on this particular day as we prefer to think that every day should be special for Mothers and it has been commercialised too much. I could not be with my mother on this day but made and sent her a card and small gift.

Though this is a commercial holiday, it is one that my daughter enjoys celebrating with me. Am going to enjoy dinner at the beach with her and a friend of hers, who is still mourning the loss of her mother 11 years ago when she was 10 years old. Make one realize how fortunate we are.