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Give me some idea ,....please..
07/02/2008 at 15:40 PM

Hi all!, My  two daughters  (7and 5 )play outside with two other sisters, (5 and 3), and every time , before, have fun, like to stay and play together, but, last week, this girls play and with other neigbours, (two boys , brothers, ,11 and 6) and other girls 11, every thing is ok, in aparence, but, this time, last week, this sisters, after [play with my daughters, 10 15 minuts, and tell my daughters, now you going, we don`t play with you, more, ec ok, I tell my girls, ec ok, maybe their are tear, or something, but, my daughters 7, crying, and like to play, and, finaly I tell ec ok, next day you can play again, but, again, and again this 5 years old, girl, tell again my daughters same thing, , and I stop let my girls going in her backyard in front house, and my girls, playing both, and next day, this girl come and tell come and play, I let my girls again, going play, and this  day, I ask her mom, and tell this " short store" and her mom, say, I don`t have idea, I think ec ok  are kids,  but, next day, again this girl, play only 10 minuts with my daughters, and refuze again, Now, I speak with my dayghters like "Big kids"  and I say, little nervouz,  dON`T TELL ME AGAIN, YOU LIKE TO GO TO PLAY WITH THIS GIRLS, BUT, MY DAUGHTERS CRY AND TELL, PLEASE MOM,, but, I don`t have other choise, because she , this kids, refuze, or, more exaktly, I not feel like friend any more, and, now, my kids, watch this girls, and cant go to play both, because, now, and my girls understand, and like to play with me  and not going any more in her front house, . Sorry, my friends, if , you give me any idea, or ,  tell me , maybe I`m wrong with something... thankx..

I think you are good to separate the girls for a while. Give it a good two weeks before you allow them to play together and then maybe just allow them to play once a week or so. I would also say that maybe you should have the girls play in your own yard rather than playing in the neighbors yard.

I feel your pain. I'm up at 3:20am worrying about it. My girl, 7 yr old, has been playing with other two girls in the same building. They've been fine but all of a sudden the other two started to hide from her or run away from her. If she was in the courtyard, they would check and check to make sure she's gone before coming out to play. My daughter really wanted to play with them. She felt so sad and cried when the two refused to come out. I felt sad, too. That evening one mother came over with her girl saying that she found this was not right and wanted the girl to appologize. Of course the two girls made up fine. But the next day when the three were all together, the other two girls hid from my girl twice. Is my daughter's problem? She always has a lot of ideas what to do next and asks her playmates to follow. Maybe she's "bossy"? She loves Hannah Montana and sings her songs a lot. Maybe the other girls don't like it too much? They were singing together at my place and another time dancing to the songs as I recall. I just couldn't figure out why. The third girl was having issues with my daughter last year as well as another girl (who moved out later). This girl just said "i'm not answering you any more", which made my daughter and the other girl very upset. Actually, that girl was still saying "why she's not answering me" on her way moving out. So, I kinds hope this is not my daughter's problem, but the not-answering girl's. I am so worried I've been up since midnight. ANyone else has this experience and solution ,please? Thanks so much. I can't separate them because my girl is the only child and she wants to play with them.