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Getting my youngest on board for a new baby
06/21/2012 at 13:19 PM

I just found out that I am pregnant again. It was unplanned, and a suprise to my husband and I. We have two girls already. Our oldest daughter is 6 and our youngest is 2 and a half. When we told them about the baby my oldest was excited. She did very well when we had my youngest daughter. She was excited as well, and very helpful. Our younger daughter, Hailey, yelled no and cried when we told her about the baby. She is daddys little girl, and a bit more spoiled than my oldest. She ignores us when we try to talk to her about the baby, and just hangs her head and walk away. Is there something that I can do to get her excited for the baby? My oldest daughter, Summer, was the same age when we had Hailey, and was so excited. We never had to try to get her used to the idea. We are worried Hailey will feel pushed aside with the attention, and want her to be involved and happy about a new baby. Any suggestions?