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General Hygiene for 10yr olds
05/29/2011 at 16:05 PM

I am having a HORRIBLE time with getting my daughter to pay attention to her hygiene. Her teacher has even said to us that her classmates do not want to partner with her or sit by her because she smells. Her breath in particular. We have to make her shower every night- which gets to be a fight... we fight to get her to brush her teeth EVERY day. We have tried everything from using money for incentive to punishments. I have had heart to heart talks with her, bought different products to make brushing fun, used a timer, and I have taken her to a dentist to talk with her. She now has to bring me her toothbrush so I can approve the amount of toothpaste- otherwise she won't even use toothpaste (I even bought her different flavors) I have gotten to the point that I refuse to take her to the dentist if she will not take care of her teeth herself.. She already has had 4 teeth pulled, spacers put in, and 3 crowns (on baby teeth) and going through all of that still didn't help! Any suggestions? I hate to say- she can stink you out of a car- life is going to be tough if we can't fix this- soon! She just does not seem to have any sense of taking care of herself- even after I show her that all of us do these things (shower, brush hair and teeth)... I get sooo frustrated- my 2 yr old has better hygiene- and I don't know how to get past this without hurting her self esteem.

I had this problem with my oldest son. I didnt need to feel his toothbrush to see if it was wet afterwards, or see how much toothpaste he used, I was only concerned with the end result. After brushing, and flossing I would have him come blow in my face. If I detected a bad odor I would go back in the bathroom with him and I would brush his teeth. Just brusing will not always cure bad breath. I have found that my oldest needs to actually scrape his tongue and then brush it with toothpaste, as far back as he can, yes he gags alot. My youngest is just fine without scraping. Get your daughter a tongue scraper and have her brush her tongue as well. Has she had flouride treatments? Whether they like it or not, as long as I have to pay the dentist, their teeth will be cleaned the right way, or I will do it for them. They hate that.

She does brush her tongue... but not with a scraper.. I will try that....