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Funbrain teaches self loathing to Mountain Children
03/31/2008 at 17:35 PM

 As a career educator of ten years it shocked me when my 3rd grade son came home from school the other day & told me about a game on the Funbrain site called "Hillbilly Pig Toss." What are they thinking? Our family is from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and proudly consider ourselves Appalachian. Why is a supposed 'education site' in the business of perpetrating stereotypes to our youth that are ignorant, disrespectful and - most alarmingly of all- harmful? How dare they? Do they  have other games that are disrespectful to other cultures or is it only okay to denigrate mountain folks? I've informed all the staff at my son's school of Funbrain's bigoted stereotyping and will continue to tell everyone I meet about thier apparent lack of concern for the self esteem of children who live in our mountains.

Well it really isn't al that bad i mean they can learn about width and length etc.. I would just check it out before I would dis it. I can understand were you're comin' from but check it out first it really isn't all that bad. your friend, ♣ winterlylove37 ♣

Stereotypes hurt ppl... I just said that this week about a different stereotype. If you have a chance to call it out, then good for you. The only thing you can do is call it out and hope it helps. I personally think the game will continue on and ppl will say your are sensative. Discrimination and stereotyping is so harmful yet we all do it on some level. When I was younger, I tried to fight it... now, I just try to avoid doing it myself.

This game stereotypes hillbilly’s in the same way as Popeye stereotyped sailors, the roadrunner show stereotyped coyotes, and Yogi stereotyped bears. If this is your biggest concern right now, consider yourself lucky. Yes, you are being too sensitive. While looking at the game, and playing it, my kids came in to see what I was doing. I lost the computer for about 20 minutes while they played.