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Friends at school-2nd grade
03/26/2008 at 22:48 PM


My daughter is in 2nd grade. It is a new school for her, she has made a few friends, but her concern is that everyone ignores her. Three's a crowd, she is very quite and when there are 3 friends she always feels left out. She told me today she feels invisible and that no one cares what she has to say. Can anyone give me any advice, she is very hurt by the way kids just ignore her presence.


2nd grade mom

Hi Svirani-

This is a tough situation.  How long has it been?  It will definitely take time for her to become acclimated.  In the meantime, it may help for her to talk to a professional in regards to fitting in and making new friends.  Good luck to her!
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Thank you! She started in Aug. The teachers think she should talk to the counselor but again I don't want her singled out so she feels she is the problem. The teacher will talk to the class as a whole about friendships and feelings. Thanks for your reply, this really helps. This is the first time I have ever posed a question on the net, seems this site is legit.

Thanks again.