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Former Partner not paying maintenance money towards the children.
12/04/2008 at 13:50 PM

I am a single mother of two children below the age of 10 yrs old.

My ex and I broke up 3 yrs ago, he is currently living with his current partner and the children go to his most weekends from Friday to a Sunday. He has been told by the CSA that he needs to pay £40 a week in maintenance payments. When he was told this he went sick and advised them he did not have an income. He has now told them he is self empolyed.

He has boasted to other parents at the childrens school, that now he is self empolyed he can sort it so that I dont get any money. I dont know what to do.

My income is to high that I dont get help with rent or council tax, I pay everything myself. When it comes to trips and clothes I have to save to make sure I can get it for them. If I tell him this, he doesnt care. Like I said he can prove to CSA he is not earning enough as he does his own books.

I dont know what to do and I've hit a dead end, I'm sure he just wants me to give in and to be honest I'm close to it, any advice is welcome.


My best friend is having a similar problem. At least your ex is earning money, hers is living off his new wife. When your kids go for visitation they at least have the role model of someone who goes to work. Her son (20) went to live with daddy and his new family, and they sat and played video games for the first 3 months. Now the son has a job in a shipping department for the Christmas rush. I think the new wife explained that she wasn't going to financially support an able-bodied 20 year old man. Funny the head-games we play with ourselves.