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Fearful to step out of comfort zone
02/06/2012 at 09:19 AM

My son is a well adjusted 8 year old. He does well academically and is athletically inclined. The problem is that he will not join a baseball team or football team because he's too scared. He doesn't want people looking at him. He is shy and would just rather blend in with the walls, but I've always thought that in order to grow, one must step out of his comfort zone. If he doesn't face his fears, when will he ever do something he enjoys? Any advice would be appreciated.

The Brain does a lot of growing and changing from now until about age 14. He's 8 years old, don't be in such a rush for him to develop those venturing attitudes. A couple of options--Cub Scouts, and Akido. or, just let him be a kid.

Let him be. We're not all social butterflies. You need to think more of what he needs than what you want for him. He is still very young.

I have six year old with fear of yoining team sports. Loves one to one or small groups but panics of thought yoining the team. I am woried for him and not sure how to help him......? any advice out there...

Your son sounds like a natural introvert, and there is nothing bad about that. However, I do agree with you that children need to learn to stretch out of that "comfort zone" but this is a relative thing. His stretch may never extend all the way to an organized sports team--or this may change as he gets older. I think the suggestion of a small class in something like aikido might work, especially since you say he is athletic. Another idea might be something like children's golf lessons. Since he has athletic interests it doesn't seem as simple as just letting him do his own thing, since part of his own thing may be sports. There is a book out on adult Introverts, called Quiet--author Susan Cain, I believe. You might find that useful as a perspective.

The world needs introverts as well as extroverts. Imagine a world full of extroverts. That would be truly awful.