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encourage kid to write their own book
01/13/2014 at 13:43 PM

My daughter loves writing. Last year, she spent a lot of time on her first book (called Prophecy, and should one of the first ones that pop up if you search in Amazon Books, "Prophecy Amelia".), which she tries to make it different from the books on the market. She tries to merge classical style (beautiful and flowy language, poems) with modern imagination. Books written by kids may not be as mature as books written by adults, but they reflect their perspectives of the world. I would like to have your inputs :)

Try this site kidslearninghub.com maybe this can help you. They have a lot of educational tools to offer to make your kids be the best that you can be.

Find a writer's meetup group in your area. They're all over the place and take your daughter to some meetings so she can hear some success stories and what others are doing to promote their book. She'll get jazzed that others are doing this and that she is so young with tons of potential.