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eddie bauer reuseable shopping bag
12/11/2010 at 11:23 AM

Hello Guys
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My 15 year old is a wholesome girl. gives and recieves advises at times. overwhelmed by social and school streses. However she's confident and not bothered by what other teens would say. She is a proff. dancer.Loves people, and is now trying to be her self and have her independance, which is ok, I monitor whre she is and who she's with. However she seems to enjoy going out afer 11pm now just to get something to eat. or just to get together at some body's house.I'm tired at this time and fell asleep. The girl the she hangs out with is 15 also. and Mom lets her do what ever she wants.I have rules. My daughter wants to hang out Wk-ends. Not giving any thought to study, clean her room, do her laundry, much less hang out with me. Her only friend, loves to socialy and physically interact with guys. I blew my top last nite. they got in at 2 am from a close friend home. Help.. in Chgo Frustrated in CHGO

Set clear rules and boundaries and consequences for not following the rules that have been set. 11 pm curfew is reasonable for a 15 y/o. Perhaps it is time to limit your daughters contact with this girl.