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don't know what to do or how to react
08/06/2008 at 19:39 PM

So today me and my wife put our 2 of our 3 boys to bed.  they just recently moved into the same room together.  the oldest turned 4 in april.  the other turned 3 a few weeks ago. They both came out of thier room giggling and told us the younger one had gotten pee on him.  when my wife looked at him closer she found out that he had it all over his torso.  through questioning we found out that the older one had peed on him. after further investigation.  we discovered that he intended to pee in his brothers mouth.  now i don't know if anyone hear has heard anything like this before.  we were appalled and i just stayed quiet while my wife expressed clearly how angry disappointed and how disgusting it was to him.  i am not sure she reacted right but i am also not her.  if there is anyone out here who has come across something like this, please respond

thank you


I am the mother of three boys and I have had many experiences over the years with stuff like this. I would have punished my 4 year old just as your wife did. If he did it again I may even give him 4 swats on his rear. I would explain how he could make his brother sick and that this is not funny. I would also let him know that if he did something like this again he would get spanked. I would also tell him he's a good boy and I love him; I just do not like what he did. I'm sure he won't do it again. Keep an eye on them and monitor TV and media as much as possible. You will have so much explaining to do with these precious kids while they grow. There is so much bad out there, make sure you know most of what they see in order to explain things and offer your own perspective on worldly views about things like sex. It's not really that uncommon what has happened in your home, you should definitely react, but just don't OVER-react. Good luck!!