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Discipline 1 year old baby?
06/27/2012 at 19:21 PM

My daughter is 1 and at this age I really don't believe that its ok to discipline her my spanking her, hitting her hand or leg or bottom. Now there are times that I may tap her hand when I tell her no sternly but nothing that I think will hurt her and make her cry. Now my problem is her grandma likes her to visit her 3x a week which I think is great but since I don't like people watching my baby I stay a few hours with her then take her home. Now my mom tink its ok to spank my daughter and does so when she gets into her purse that she always leaves on the floor or get her videos that are in a small shelf the height of my baby. Now I've told her many times that if she wants her to visit than she needs to put these thinks up if she wants her over. She hasn't. So awe got into this huge argument because she hit my daughter on the bottom and on the arm because she got one of her videos and was walking around with it. I told her that I don't want my her disciplining my baby at all and especially not making her cry like that and since she said that it was her house I said fine we won't be coming over anymore. Of course she's upset about it now and says that I need to discipline my baby or she's not going to listen ect ect. Well I don't think she's old enough and I don't want to hit her. My parents were very harsh when it came to disciplinling, grabbing with nails, hitting us with shoes, cords, belts, sticks and I truely feel that is the reason I used to be very aggressive and mean when I was younger. My baby is my world and I don't want her resenting me or being aggressive because I was harsh with punishing her. She's smart and I know she knows what's ok and what isn't and what no means but I don't think its ok to hit her because she chooses not to listen because she's a baby annd likes to explore everything. So what is your opinion on this? How did you discipline your child when they were young? Am I right just to speak to her sternly? She will eventually learn what's ok when she gets older correct? Thanks

I'd always supervise when my mom was with my children, if I were you. It is NEVER OK for someone who is not the parent to swat, spank, or slap to discipline a child.

NEVER strike your children. You'd just be teaching them that violence is a legitimate way to solve problems. Bad parents are worse than no parents. Case in point: Ronnie Paris Sr. He murdered his own son. Want children to enjoy reading? Simple solution - buy them an adventure game or RPG. Sport will only make them miserable, especially if they have no natural talent for it. Force children to do something they hate, and they will consider it work. They will want compensation (and more importantly, they will DESERVE it). It will also make them feel like they're being punished for no reason. Corporal punishment can hurt children emotionally as well as physically. This is amplified if they are not given a reason other than "I said so." Furthermore, NEVER break a promise and use the "I didn't lie! I just changed my mind!" excuse.