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demanding children
08/17/2007 at 22:34 PM

O.k. I have three children one boy age 8 and two girls age 4 1/2.  They all demand my time every waking moment.  They compete with each other for my attention especilly the girls.  I read everywhere to try to get alone time with ech of them.  This is never possible.  If I try to do something with one of them alone it either ends up where the other two or one of the two tries to get my attention.  Or when I try to stop doing something that I was doing with one of them they start to complain  or whine.  They never want the activity to stop.  I am very active with my kids.  I take them everywhere, to parks,to pools, to friends, have friends over, go to shows, movies, amusement parks, vacations, everything.  I just don't understand why it is never enough.  Am I doing something wrong?

Hey crazyworld,


Welcome to the boards.  My cousin has triplets and she has had some of the same problems with her children demanding her attention.  One of her solutions is to spend one on one time with the kids and the way she makes this happen is by getting a sitter for 2 of them and going and doing something alone with the other one.  Or having her husband take the other two to do something and doing something alone in the house with the child.  I do think you have to carve out some one on one time but I think that can be almost impossible if the other kids are still around.


I have other friends who have done it once their children were school aged by taking one out of school for the day and doing something special with them.  Just  a couple of school days a year but still some special time just one on one.


Anyone else have any ideas?