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Daycare issues
09/15/2009 at 08:10 AM

My daughter just turned 2 and started attending kindergarten since sept.1. At first she was happy going there, but a week later she found out that every time I take her there she has to say good-bye to me at 9:00 am until 18:00. So now she's starting crying when we're on the way to the kindergarten. Then i say good-bye and leave, and she cries for less than a minute. Then she plays there happily, eats everything they feed her, naps perfectly and makes friends.
But on the opposite, when i pick her up from there at 18;00 (i work), she is reluctant to leave. And when we're in the car with my husband, coming home, she starts crying, this time saying "no home! no home!", and when we enter home, she throws the most horrible tantrum. I live with my MIL and FIL. Prior to going to daycare, my daughter had been cared for by a baby-sitter, together with my MIL, while i went to work. But my daughter doesn't like my MIL. Every time she sees her, goes and hits her, and says "bad gramma". but my husband thinks she LOVes her grandma.
So, what's my problem - the baby-sitter has left, as we don't need her any more as she's going to daycare now. my husband says that the baby's crying when i take her to the daycare, that means she doesn't like it there... He says if it continues like that, we must consider keeping the baby at home under his mother's and father's care!! One thing I am totally against to. I don't trust them with my kid, never had. Plus, my kid doesn't like MIL, I can't do it to her. I explain to my husband that DD cries only for less than a minute, only because she has to say good bye to me Then it all passes and she plays happily. He says she's calm the rest of the day at daycare coz she's scared to cry in the daycare, etc.

Then when we bring her home in the evening, she throws major tantrums, which doesn't last less than a minute - it lasts half an hour, and then she's cranky the whole evening. What does it mean - that we shouldn't bring her home coz she doesn't feel well at home? (the same he says about kindergarten).
I don't kno how i can make him understand what I explain to him - that the baby needs to go the daycare.
Yes, and one more thing. Yesterday I had to go to work, but the daycare was closed for that day, and MIL Sorry so long. just needed to vent, and get advice if possible.