Daycare: do you think the best place for your toddler/preschooler is at home with you or daycare? - FamilyEducation
Daycare: do you think the best place for your toddler/preschooler is at home with you or daycare?
10/04/2012 at 12:50 PM

I am working on a book discussing Daycares vs. at home parenting. This is not going to be a working mom vs. at home mom debate. Instead I want people to think critically about what is best for the development of their child. With the rising cost of everything it is understandable that both parents work. However, are we sacrificing time with our children to have bigger and better lives or do we work because we need to? Do you think our children are paying a price for this choice? By the way, I am a mother and I have a daycare in my home. I am looking for well thought out experiences and opinions based on those experiences. I am also just interested in what people think!

my kids range from 19-14 years old and i was a stay at home mom until the youngest went to kindergarten. i had a great experiance with my daughter in day care, but that soon came to an end when my son whom was nine at the time was abused physicly by the care provider as well as another boy the same age as mine, they both had adhd. im just glad i caught it when i did in the first few weeks, the other child had been there over a year after that i chose family and close friends as care providers. i now watch my grandaughters because of fear of the same thing. so i think you should really think hard theres nothing wrong with it if you really investigate the daycare well. in todays society both parents have to work and there are alot of single parent households. stay at home parenting i think is the best for your child , but financely can hurt you. p.s the daycare my son was in was licensed and ran by a woman with a degree in special needs children.

Day care makes a child more accommodating and adjusting, They learn new things, make friends and get social. These are the things which they do not learn at home. Also the day care makes a child more active. They are more ready to go to school as they are used to stepping out into a new environment.

As I am an Early Years Practitioner at an award winning nursery, I have to say, daycare has a great deal to commend it. I also have to say, a lot depends on the quality of the daycare.

I put my 2 kids in daycare a few days a week, 2 days they are BOTH in, and 1 day solo for each so I have special time with 1 child alone. Then there are 3 days I have them both, making a 7-day week. I feel like daycare socializes them with other kids so they learn to listen to the "teachers" and also learn what is/isn't appropriate behavior. They learn all sorts of things they don't learn at home - I don't have time to do all the arts & crafts projects! But I feel like they spend a lot of time with me and my hubby who works at home. So we are very hands-on with our kids but need the time with them in daycare too.

How would you define early childhood care? Does that mean preschool? Is it just a glorified state-funded day care center or babysitting service?