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Daughter 4 is rude and disrespectful towards Dad
09/14/2007 at 01:07 AM

My daughter now 4 has had an awful attitude in general towards my husband since about 12 months old. At first the pediatrician said it was just a stage that kids go through preferring one parent to the other. It has been better at times, but is not going away. My husband is a good father and tries his best, but he is constantly pushed away and made to feel as though he is not wanted around. At this point he is so angry and hurt he wants to retreat and just stay away from her.  I've tried to discipline her for the behaivor, reason with her to be nice and respect him, but the behaivor continues. It is really making it difficult for all of us. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

I am curious abouat what type of discipline you have used...

also, I am curious about how she sees you and other family members treating him.

I have not heard of a child doing this to the extreme that you are indicating, and for it to have gone on so long is shocking to me!

Is he a mostly absent father? Does he work a lot and she does not get to see him? Is there any type of abuse happening? How does she interact with other men in general?

I would be doing some serious investigating! This is horrible for her to be acting out in this manner with no reason.

There is NO excuse for being disrespectful to your elders. Even if there is illness or other reasons, an apology would be the minimal response and whatever discipline she responds to, you best find it and use it.

hi how are you 

maybe in the holidays try to get them together just the two of them go on an outing go camping time on there own may help


I think you can try this way. You can make an opportunity  just leave your husband and daught together, and in that spot your husband can help you daught do something. Perhaps the girl will thank her father and loves him.