Dad is refusing therapy for my daughter.
10/10/2012 at 11:31 AM

I suffered from severe depression after the birth of my son a few years ago. Because of the side effects of the meds I was taking, i was removed from the home. I went to stay at my brothers. Because my daughter, age 7, wasn't blood related to anyone in that home, she had to go stay at her dads. After an investigation from DSS and finally getting off the meds I am visiting with my daughter every other weekend. She has been unable to cope with having to leave in the first place and has had alot of emotional issues since then. All of them are due to how I was at the time. I am back home with my other two kids(her half brother and sister). The problem is that when I take her home she cries and screams at her step mother and she will be like that for a few days after. I talk to her on the phone between visits and she seems fine. I want her to see a therapist and her doctor recommended one cause she has separation anxiety disorder but her dad is against it. So basically he doesnt want to do anything and I dont know how to help her cope.