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'Contract' for driving and car usage
08/31/2011 at 14:15 PM

Does anyone have a sample contract...mutual agreement document that outlines driving rules...and suggested consequences for a teenage driver ? We have a new driver at our house. She is a smart girl...off the charts with grades and tests, athlete, coach for younger athletes. She has an manual used jeep...no automatic for our girl. We were hoping it would put off texting and driving as long as possible. Our first attempt at a contract was a list of too many 'don't's" !
We want to lay out clear rules..both driving and car usage hence I thought I would check if anyone already has been successful with this approach!

Any suggested would be greatly appreciated!


Keep everyone safe,


I think it is a bad idea to get a kid a car. I'm very generous and flexible about letting the kids use a car, but when they understand that it is my car, they also understand that it is a privilege to use the car. Some things to talk about (but I like the flexibility for me of not having it all down in a contract) are-- distracted driving. There are some good videos on photobucket that you can find by searching for 'snopes video accidents' breaking curfew tickets and accidents who pays for insurance who pays for gas/oil/maintenance In my state, a parent can call the driver's license division and revoke a kid's license. It has something to do with the fact that the kid is on the parent's insurance policy. Find out if that is true in your state. If it is, talk about that, too.

Found this on an insurance company's website. http://www.insurancepr.com/e-library/410f002a.htm

Being married to a police officer, all of our teens know he'll come down hard on them if they do "something stupid".If they get pulled over, we know.In our small town, if they do something stupid, we know.The kids do not have their own cars, they share 2 cars registered in our names.They have to get the keys from us each time they drive.2 of our teens go to school in one town and 2 in another, so that is how the car assignments go.We pay for maintenance and normal wear and tear - damage caused by them is paid for by them.Cells are not to be answered or in-hand while driving.No more than three in the car at any time.We pulled the radios out of both cars so there is no distraction.We reserve the right to deny access at any time for any reason.We have not heard a single complaint from any of them over our rules.