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contraception for nursing mothers.
04/19/2008 at 02:07 AM

My daughter is just 16weeks and for the past 4days, I v been really paranoid, worried that I could be pregnant already again. Because I have read that most oral contraceptives are not very good for nursing mothers, I have not been using any form of precaution. I am on exclusive breastfeeding. I am really praying and hoping I am not pregnant again so assuming am fortunate, is there anyone who can suggest a good form of contraception for me? Please, I really hope someone comes up with a good one for me. Something that will not interfer with my breastmilk production. Apart from condoms too. Thank you.

There is the mini-pill as you are breastfeeding, but even that is not 100% effective. Other methods such as the IUD or the dutch cap may be of use. Beware the old wives tales that you can't get pregnant when you are breastfeeding. They are sooooo not true.

thanks a lot junieg. although am not sure what the mini-pill is but i guess i can find a brand name if i google it.i dont want IUD. and then, the dutch cap, i will definitly try and get that from a family planning clinic. thanks again.