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Confused in 4-year-old-ville
02/18/2008 at 16:08 PM

I am a single mother and I have been having the strangest issue with my 4 year old daughter.

My 4 year old is a bright, sunny, happy, carefree child.   She is almost the exact emotional opposite as her 9 year old sister.

My 4 year old is not answering questions, 

example: this past weekend 2/16, She put her shoes on the end table.  I asked her why she put her shoes on the end table.  Her answer: Im not supposed to put my shoes on the table.  I explained to her that no she isnt supposed to I wanted to know why she did. 

I asked again:  Why did you put your shoes on the table?  Her reply again:  because im not supposed to put my shoes on the table - she began crying then, I hugged her and told her she wasnt in trouble I just wanted to know why she did this. 

She answers EVERY question like this, she never actually answers a question, she will tell me that she isnt supposed to or she doesnt know why she did it. 

Is this normal? Is something wrong with her? Is there something else I could/should be doing?

I think she is trying really hard to answer your questions, and that is why she is crying.    If she can answer "What happened?" questions, she and you are doing just fine.  "Why?" questions are hard for any child and most adults.  I did it because---I could,    because -- I thought of it,   because --- I didn't think about it,  because -- I didn't know it would matter,  because -- I was hungry,  because -- I was full,   because -- I was tired,  because -- I had too much energy.