Confused - FamilyEducation
05/12/2009 at 09:07 AM

My 7 yr old is good kid makes friends easily but a less confident, he is bright, liked by his teacher and friends but constantly needs friends to play with. if he is not around friends he does not know how to entertain himself he will turn towards TV or Video games for that. Today he told me that he was playing outside with his friend when he was actually playing by himself. I am little confused, was he in a fantasy world is it normal for a 2nd grader? Am I looking into things too much?

Any help is appreciated....

I have a 7 and 5 year old. They have very active imaginations and often pretend they have friends to play with. They know they are imaginary though -- I'm assuming your son does too. At this age, they know pretend from not. It's still OK for them to pretend though. In fact, I think pretending is the secret to playing independently. Maybe you should try encouraging this level of imaginative play. If he is doing well in school and the only issue is this, I would go with it. Let him pretend and give him pretend scenarios to work with. Imagination is such an amazing and wonderful gift. I would encourage it. -- Greenmom 500

Yes, creativity and imagination are good. Being around friends is good too. Let your son explore both. Also, put him in activities or bring him to places where he can further explore his imagination. Museums, children's theaters, arts and crafts, cooking, are all good for this.