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Concerned with my sons school teacher??
02/10/2009 at 16:38 PM

My fiance sends emails to his sons teacher to see how well he is doing in class or if to get his progress reports. Im alittle concern when he reads the emails to me bc we had some weird incindent

Before he was tranferred to his 3rd new school. I was talking to the the teacher at his 2nd school and i asked how he was doing and he was doing okay.. well later his son told us that he had already received his progress report so i thought that is weird bc should'nt we have gotten one too? so He emailed her no reply, he waited another 2 weeks but then we found out when we had sent another email he was already transferred to his 3rd new school. Still no reply so he decided to email the priniciple and she sent an email to the teacher asking her please send the Progress Reports so when i did receive it was printed out from the computer so it looked like she wasnt planning on sending us one. She wrote on the back " Thank you for your concern!" so i thought it was kind of weird.

So now with the teacher at his 3rd school we sent in a few emails but then she would say good things about his son but when he comes to our house with his backpack we see that his homework is sloppy he doesnt want to do it he reads below his grade level so i thought what is going on... so last weekend we had to pick him up at 6pm bc we couldnt get him at 2:10pm bc of the mothers boyfriend.... My fiance son told us that he couldnt bring his backpack so he couldnt finish his homework to turn in on monday but as we were talking to him we asked if he has been good in school and she said not really that he was talking a little which got him in trouble with detention.. but the recent email that we got from the teacher we thought why didnt the teacher mention this??? so my fiance cousin said well maybe the mother is telling the teacher that the father is a mean person and always gets mad at him or something

So we thought how can we prove the my fiance is not a mean person or bad father to the teacher so she wouldnt have to cover or lie? to us bc i was talking to him how the teacher talks good of his son but when his son comes over he doesnt seem that interested in school he doesnt like to read all he wants to do is go out or play his games bc his mother and her boyfriend are always out and about. so he is used to the lifestyle and the mother doesnt help him with homework bc she is more concerned abt the the boyfriend??

What should i do ????

It sounds like there's a lot of disorganization and confusion in this family, and not a lot of communication. First of all, this boy has been to 3 different schools. He's also dealing w/ a broken family (parents that are separated and not on the same pg for the good of their child). Of course this kid is going to have problems. As for the teacher, there needs to be better communication. Maybe e-mailing is not the solution. Having face to face conversations and meetings are probably a better solution. Why this boy is not finishing his work and he's having trouble in school needs to be addressed. Also, why wldn't the parents get their son's progress report? Maybe their son did do poorly in school, and he was afraid to show his parents. I don't know. Both parents need to work together for the sake of their son. Why the teacher wld think the father is not a good father is weird in itself. It seems like he's the only one whose showing concern for his son. He needs to go to the school and speak directly to the current teacher. This boy's mom shld do the same. The parents also need to talk to their son. Any other family members like yourself and your fiance's cousin shldn't get involved. It only makes the situation more confusing. Very confusing to say the least.

Me and his cousin dont get involved when he talks to the mother or with the teacher we just tell him what we think or how we feel... The mother doesnt really get involved with her sons school work/health hes had so many ear infections doesnt go to school shes too more involved with her boyfriend but it seems that every time he brings it up in court she has an excuse for everything and the jdge believes her LIES... My finace and I live an hour away from his son and his school. My fiance doesnt get out of work until the school alread closes,,, my fiance tries to talk with the mother but it has to be reall late at night when her boyfriend isnt around or we have to go thru the grandma bc the boyfriend doesnt like finace for shit,,, they are not very adults about this.. they think abt themselves instead of the son... we dont want to have plms... My finace tries to work it out but the mother well shes afraid of her boyfriend so she tries not to give us much or