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Choking Hazard
07/29/2011 at 05:21 AM

I have a two year old and she swallowed a quarter. I tried getting it out but it wasn't working. she fell to the ground and I felt hopeless and called 911. Thanks to God it came out when she fell. I thought I was going to loose her. How much time would she have had if I couldn't have gotten it out on time? It's something I hate thinking about but I really want to be prepared more incase I do have to rush her to the hospital since 911 never answered.

Learn the Heimlich maneuver. It is a Red Cross procedure for choking.

Heimlich is a must, great suggestion. Both my wife and I took cpr and first aid classes that included instruction on giving cpr and the heimlich to babies and toddlers. From the time a child stops breathing you have about 4 minutes to get air back in to the lungs. After about 4 minutes brain damage can begin. That does not mean you stop after four minutes. If you are ever alone and something like that happens, get a neighbors attention. It is much easier for one to work on the child while the other speaks with 911. If you have to run outside and scream "help" do it. Check with your Red Cross or local fire department for CPR and first aid training.

Thank you so much that was very helpful information. I can be more prepared now and try and be calm. I will contact red cross. Thanks again.