Children with Disabilities
02/02/2012 at 19:41 PM

Hi, my name is Blaire. I am a sophomore at a junior college in Illinois. I am in a Students with Special Needs class where I have the chance to learn about the historical, philosophical, and legal foundations of special education, as well as an overview of the characteristics of individuals with disabilities, the programs that serve them, and the diversity of the individuals with disabilities.

I was wondering if a parent with a child with special needs could reflect on the effects of child’s disability on the family? Also, what is your opinion on the collaboration between the family and teachers? How is the relationship between the parents and the professionals?

Thank you very much!


This is a developmental stage. Part of it is that she is developing into a rational thinker.
When she starts to ask for explanations/justification from you, ask her for her opinion first. Engage her in this part of the conversation for 5 or 10 minutes. Then think about what she says. Who knows, you both might learn something.