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Child predator suspected in our town
01/21/2010 at 12:00 PM

We live in a small town where not much really happens in the way of crime. Just yesterday I opened up my son's backpack and found a notice from our local police dept. Supposedly a man stopped a young girl and asked her if she wanted a ride. When she declined, the man drove away. Of course police were alerted right away. This man hasn't been caught yet, but everyone has their eyes and ears open. It's scary thinking it cld be one of your own children. My kids are young, and my oldest has a developmental delay. It is difficult trying to explain this situation to them, what to do, and how serious it is. Both my boys nod their heads when I ask them if they fully understand the situation, but I really wonder if they do or how they wld react put in that circumstance. Both of my kids are friendly, outgoing and trusting, and both are impulsive. How can I get my pt across about the severity of this situation and it's consequences so they better understand? Thanks for your advice. Oh, and of course they are supervised, but still I worry b/c you never know. It only takes a second.