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Candidates Poll
10/14/2008 at 19:36 PM

Hey All


This is a cool poll about the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. 


Decide which you would pick to be the guardian of your children.  Take the poll!! 



Come back here and talk about what qualities you look for when considering who you would choose to be your children's guardians in case something happened to you and your spouse.


Host Marti

I'm honestly on the fence this election. I'm a registered republican, but I think Obama wld be good for our country right now w/ the economy the way it is. On a personal standpoint, however, I believe strongly about increasing education programs, especially for children w/ special needs. I also believe the insurance issue is important b/c we shld be able to choose our own doctors and get the services we need w/out going through an ordeal. I think out of the four candidates, Joe Bidden is the most knowledgeable. Sarah Palin is not as experienced, but I like her. McCain is not my favorite; I wld much rather have seen Mit Rodney get in. I like Obama, but I don't totally agree w/ all his views. This is going to be a very interesting election. If I was to predict who'd win, I'd say Obama. As for my children, I cldn't say who I'd want to care for them. I don't know any of the candidates well enough to make that decision. That's my opinion.

Hey concerned, Interesting points---it is going to be quite an election isn't it. I am excited that so many people are taking an interest and that so many young people seem to be jazzed about the election. My husband and I are both political junkies so it is great fun for us to see all the interest. My husband teaches high school seniors---so many of them are going to vote for the first time in this election and it is really cool to listen to them and hear their ideas and views. Marti

I wouldn't have considered Winston Churchill as a good person to take over rearing my children, but he was a darn good political leader. Abraham & Mary Lincoln? -- no. The Trumans, maybe. The Carters, yeah! And of course, Jed and Abbie Bartlett. ,-)

I will never trust my children with anyone. There's alot of on answered question in my opinion regarding Obama. The fact that he has so far refused to reveal any real information about who he really is frightens me. I am not a democrat, I am not a republican. If he is not transparent at this point, my question is what would he do, when he becomes president? A common citizen (Joe), asked a simple question. Obama and Biden mocks him. Is this same person telling me, he wants to fight for me? I don't buy it. Most questions asked about him, is either attributed to race or smear. I am a black single mother with a home business. But I don't want someone taking money from someone else's hard work and giving it to others who just don't want to work. In terms of executive experience Sarah Palin is the only one among the 4 with executive experience. She is a woman and has worked hard to be where she is. I applaud her for that. As to who I am voting for, I am leaning towards McCain, Palin.

truementor, I couldn't have said it better myself. I have always been a democrat, but I am having a hard time with all the secrecy on Obama's side. I have heard many say the "Joe the plumber" was a plant by FOX news. I could care less if he were a plant. The issue is not why he was there, or who sent him there. The real issues was how Obama answered the question. As you stated, I too work hard for my money. I volunteer to work early shifts starting at 2am and work until sometimes 5 to 6 pm. I also volunteer to work weekends when I can. I have a hard time getting myself motivated to work so much when I know that my hard work will go to someone who chooses to sit on their duff and collect a check that we all work so hard to make. I am not leaning, I have already sent in my ballot and I voted for McCain/Palin.

I have to say that we in Britain are watching the process with great concern as our nation does have a habit of getting involved with what you do over there. We hope that America makes the best decision. In Britain, and apparently even in a lot of places over there, people are so glad that Bush's reign is almost over.

How wonderful. Obama made it. Great decision America. I am delighted for you.

No matter your politics America made history with the election of Barack Obama. It is exciting to think that we are breaking through a barrier. I hope that Democrats and Republicans will come together and try to get things done without all the fighting! Marti

I hope that people will realize that electing office-holders is only the beginning of their civic responsibility, and that local and state levels are more important in each of our daily lives than national offices. Research some issue, and write a letter to your city or county councilmember, or your state or U.S. Senator or Representative.
Education, health care, living wage, environment, job development, national security,. . .
Tell them what you know and what you feel and what you want. All governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

I hope that we will remember that our elected officials are entitled to our well-considered, well-researched, civilly expressed opinions AFTER they take office. All governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, after all.