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Black Eyed Peas Concert for my 7 year old daughter
03/29/2010 at 21:28 PM

So I am a reformed wild child who now finds myself saying and doing what I swore I'd never do. "I'll never do that to my kids".......
So I was informed that my daughters "aunt" bought tickets for her ,her mother as well as my daughter to go to the BEP's concert and after a little research into them as well as the opening act I said "NO". Not the popular dad right now.
I have nothing against the Black Eyed Peas and frankly I am happy to see them make a come back yet I don't feel it is appropriate for my daughter.......thoughts?????

Well...this is a much more adult concert than Hannah Montana--do you think the attendees would relish a 7 year old around? They might not care and keep up their pot smoking around her...I would rethink this one!

The human psyche goes through a process of metamorphosis. Children are not small adults, they are children. I found this for you. Here's something from down in the middle of this article. APA is the American Psychological Association. Sadly, some people just don’t “get it”. Some people, including parents, view the sexualization of children as something of minor importance, while the APA report concluded that young boys and girls are growing up to view themselves as sex objects and are more likely to experience poor self-image, eating disorders, depression, academic failure in school, low self-confidence, with increased likelihood of engaging in sexual activity at a very young age, due to the fact that girls who look older tend to attract more attention from boys.

I appreciate your comments. I am of a more conservative point of view than my ex as to the concerts both myself and my children attend. However some of the casualties of a broken home are that of different values in the home. The only thing harder than breaking your childs heart is letting them do what they want to their demise; so tonight I broke her heart. For this reason I invite all points of view to insure I am raising my child in a disciplined yet loving home.

Yes, you are right, 7 is way too young for a concert of this kind. Selena Gomez might be more appropriate.