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birds and bees
05/15/2009 at 22:26 PM

when is the right time to talk to your children about the birds and bees.//Or just that girls and boys are different? I need advice?

As soon as the subject comes up, tell just a little more than you think they'll understand. They won't even hear the stuff they are not ready for. Encourage modesty very early.

I remember my mom didn't talk to me until I was about 10 or so. Personally, I don't think I'd wait that long w/ my children. I have boys (ages 5 & 4), and they've already inquired about certain things. I think when they're old enough to better understand, I'll explain more. However, for now, I just answer their questions in simple terms w/out getting into too much detail. I feel it's important to use the proper terminology, though, even w/ young children, so they don't get confused or misinformed.

When your child starts to ask questions, supply them with age-appropriate information. There are great books out there for every age group. Our public library system has them so yours may, too. Just don't give too much information, too soon. Good luck!

Unknown Kids learn faster than we think, and by the time they come with questions they will know the answers by themselves they would just want to see your reaction. I can't tell you how many times I was taken aback by a childs question. If the question is age appropiate I will answer it. If not I usually will answer something like "a clever child doesn't talk about everything he/she knows." Or " its not nice for a child to talk adult talk." Good luck

i have 5 kids i just raise them open we dont always talk about it but we are open about it in our family ,you have to talk with them my youngest a 9 yr old girl has been told some things at public school but she has always come to me and asked i dont give more detail than needed i keep it plain and straight to the point i do not make up pet names for any parts i was told by her doctor to do all of the above and it has worked great for all my children my oldest 22 has even said he always knew he could tell me anything ,that always makes a parent feel great ,just be honest with kids they understand more than we give them credit for.