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Being a new mom and college student
05/30/2008 at 13:11 PM

I am a 22 year old mother to a beautiful 4 month old baby boy; Jacob Isaiah. I know Im young. But theres nothing i can do about that. I just need help from other mothers who have been in my situation.

I'am currently attending a community college. And im taking a Psychology class (online) for the summer (tons of work). At the same time, I have to care for my 4 month old baby, while maintaining my house clean, having dinner ready before my husband get home, and preparing to move all at the same time.

I just worry because I feel like Im just caring for my babies basic needs (diaper change, Feeding, and bathing). I talk to him and try to have play time with him, but i know its not enough.

By the way, Im not a morning person. So i dont wake up until my baby does. I know Im not managing my time properly...Any ideas?????????

I don't know about managing time properly. You seem to be doing so much so congratulations. Babies are a full-time job and you are fitting everything else in too. Does your husband help out? It is his home and his baby, so he should be pitching in. Don't feel that you have to do it all alone. As for getting up just when baby wakes, don't feel guilty. You still need to rest when your baby does.

well right now, my husband is going to school too. so he usually comes home from a twelve hour day; does his homework; takes a bath and goes to sleep. but thank you for the response.

Put off going to school until your baby is older. He is only going to be a baby for such a short time. Enjoy his babyhood!!!!!!

Have you considered day care or a nanny? This wld be just for when you're in school. The caretaker wld keep your son busy playing w/ him, teaching him...while you're in class, then you can take over from there. I realize no one can truly take the place of you or your husband, but if you find the right caregiver, it may be a great help to you. This way you won't feel bad about your baby not getting enough attention, and you, in turn, will be able to do what you need to do for yourself. Think of all the working mother's out there that do this. You wldn't be the only one. If you can swing it, it's an option to consider. Try to designate a special time each day for you and your son to spend quality time as well. I hope this helps.