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Behavior questions / general guidance
06/14/2013 at 01:52 AM

My son is a fussy eater. He eats cereal (sometimes oatmeal) and a yogurt every morning, peanut butter crackers with some Nutella for lunch and will have chicken nuggets, edemame, fish sticks or mac and cheese for dinner. The only fruit he will eat is bananas. He will not try vegetables, or anything new for the most part (at least we've moved from "Nooooo", and him running out of the room to, "No, thank you"). He has never had a hamburger, hot dog, steak. He wont eat pizza, only the crust on occasion and it has to have no sauce at all or cheese even though he will eat mozzarella cheese sticks. He is even picky about candy. When most kids will eat ANY candy or dessert you give them, my son will give away most of his Halloween candy to us for all the chocolate candy and then will share with us as well. We will only allow him anything sweet if he eats all his dinner, btw. His pediatrician said hes a bit low for average size but not unhealthy. We have gone the route of putting things he wont eat on the plate. Again, at least hes no longer crying and saying, "get it off my plate", to just not eating it. But according to him, he doesnt like new things. We tried the, "ok, if you're not hungry, then just dont eat", and he would wake up nauseous and throw up bile in the mornings until we were able to give him crackers and water for a bit. We have tried to put this one on the back burner and just work on keeping him happy & safe. But, there were too many days that he went to preschool and didnt eat ANYTHING between breakfast & dinner. We have had to not go to certain restaurants that we like because they didnt carry what he likes to eat. He will be starting kindergarten in Sept (he will turn 6 a week later) and Im hoping he will get better with this by then. He can be a sensitive child, who is very smart & loving so its hard to "complain" about this but it IS the only thing we have not solved as parents. Sometimes he cries a bit too easily (when he is in trouble for not listening, when he loses/cannot do a move in Tae Kwon Do class or when there are extremely loud noises, Ie: new jet-plane sounding hand dryers or being very close to fireworks, etc..). will say he scared to do something like meeting new kids, bouncing in a bouncy castle (we had to go in with him for him to feel safe about it), yet he is SO outgoing otherwise. He has also been called a girl by two different students (one was a girl) in two different preschools, he loves sequins, sparkles and hearts...and as wonderful as that actually is to my hubs and I, I worry that he may get beaten up as school due to his sweet, honest, mushy nature. He can be very shy when meeting new kids. 0nce he knows them, hes all about working the room, where a bunch of the kids will call his name when he walks into the room like Norm on Cheers and yet doesnt have any friends to actually speak of. Im hoping this will get better once he starts kindergarten. Im MORE than happy to admit if it were mine or my hubs fault & learn what not to do/do to fix this but I feel I need some sort of parenting class or advice to know what it is. Sorry about the novella but I finally had a minute to type before bed. I hope you can give some advice :)

I am having behavioural issues with my son. Up to this point I have been taking away privileges when bad behaviour happens--friends, tv, and computer. I am considering taking all privileges away and making a point system. Looking for advice on how to implement a point system to reward good behaviours and discourage bad behaviours. Considering he will need to earn so many points to earn one of his privileges back. Anyone have any good ideas that have worked for them?