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02/25/2008 at 15:22 PM

Anybody here hire a babysitter on a regular basis? I was wondering how you go about paying the sitter the exact amount owed afterwards without the hassle of having to deal with opening the checkbook (making it easier for the sitter too). Any ideas?

  I had a couple of thoughts.  1.  tear a check out of the checkbook  early in the day and put it in your wallet or purse.  2.  When you tell the babysitter how late you will be, honor that plan and be prepared.  If you say you'll be gone from 7 to 12, prepare to pay for 5 hours, and come home by midnight with the cash.


I get sitters often.  I always pay them in cash; I get the cash while I am out.  I'm not always able to determine how long I will be out, but I use three girls (two in particular)  They know I am going to give them a set amount.  I call her up and say hey, do you wanna make $25.00?  Sometimes I throw in a little extra, but if I come home early, i never short her.  Works well for me!! Oh and I only have one little 7 yr old boy


^ Having a set amount prior to calling the babysitter for hire is a great idea...and they know what to expect at the end of the "shift" so it's not on their terms to demand any amount! LOL. :)

I think an online transferring service could be a great convenience for most "sitter-users" (is that even a word?) as I personally don't like having to withdraw that much cash out of the bank all that often (prefer to keep to plastic).

Any of you familiar with MoneyExchange? It actually allows for free transfers (sending and receiving) between account holders and it's very secure. Paying the sitter would be as easy as clicking a few buttons on screen, rather than the whole hassle of an ATM visit and check-writing.

Here's the site of what I'm talking about:


the word you were looking for is parents ;0


Not all "sitter-users" are parents! Gail, u indirectly  & directly judge ppl constantly.  Sometimes your advice is sound and you appear to be an advocate for kids, but you come off sometimes so rude!



 If I use a sitter, which is very rare. I make it a point to have cash on hand. If I pay $10 an hour and I am gone for 2 1/2 hours I will pay them for three. If you really only want to give exact change, you might need to open the checkbook. I look at the service that is provided. This person is taking care of my children. If they have done a great job, whats the harm in giving a bit extra?

I use a sitter two times a month and I always give her cash and never worry about exact change.  She takes good care of my daughter and I want to make sure she is motivated to keep doing such a great job!

I work two years ago babysitter, my neighbour bring her son in my house, monday to friday, and every time she pay me in friday night.I was happy and her son call me mama, was wonderful time for me , I spent time to play to read, from 8.30 am and 5.30pm, I think every mom ask before to pay, how you want to pay every day or every week.This time I have one new girl for teaching my daughter in first grade, and first day she come in my house I ask how she like to pay, every day or in week end, and how money, really she give me two alternative, and I choice one up, because is important to feel happy, and after everything make good and every one feel happy, I think to pay cash is more good.