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Baby Spit up...HELP!
06/09/2008 at 14:57 PM

Ok, I know baby spit is completely normal. But my son's spit up can't be. He is constantly spitting up; and a lot. Every 3-4 minutes he spits up. When its time for his next feeding; he has already emptied his stomach from the previous one. I change him like 6 times a day. It is frustrating!....Oh and yes, I have spoken to his pediatrician; she says that as long as he is gaining weight, she is not concerned. But sometimes it comes out thru his nose...Is this something Im going to have to just deal with? Has anyone had this experience? I need help!

I was concerned about my baby spitting up, too, but as long as he is still gaining weight and it doesn't seem to bother the baby, it is probably fine. In any case, you shouldn't hesitate to call your pediatrician if you have any concerns.


Cld this be a reflux thing? Maybe look into that. Also, if your child is having a loose BM or is breaking out in a rash, this cld be allergy related. How old is your son? Are you nursing him or is he on formula? Have you considered switching to soy milk? Is he on solid foods yet? How long has he had this problem? These are all things you need to discuss w/ your child's dr. My youngest son has a slight milk allergy (I think it may be a lactose problem), but it was never enough for me to have to switch to soy. His dr told me the same thing about him gaining weight. Definitely, though, if your son starts losing weight at any time, you shld look into other options. Talk to his dr first, of course, or bring your son to a specialist. Good luck!

Thank you!...Well he is almost 5 months old...and I've been having this problem for a long time...He is on formula.. Just today I was doing some research, cause I thought maybe he was taking in too much air, when I was feeding him...So i decided to go out and buy some Dr. Brown bottles...I tried them, and I was actually surprised with the results. He did spit up a little..But other then that he's been good. Hopefully he continues that way. Thank you! Sincerely, Myrnaliz

That's great to hear! Good luck w/ everything, and enjoy these baby yrs. They go by so quickly!