Baby Naming Difficulty
01/07/2012 at 18:10 PM

I will become a new grandmother this May - I'm so excited!

My daughter and her partner love the name Holly. They plan to call their daughter Catherine Holly Wood. The issue they are dealing with is the what we have coined, "The Hollywood Problem."

Does anybody have ideas of how to use the name Holly with the surname Wood that would alleviate the Hollywood problem?

Your ideas are most appreciated!

Best wishes!

Inspired Family Living

If your son had ADHD, believe me, he would be acting like that all day, not just in the evening. I have raised two children with this condition. You need to look a bit deeper to see if you can pinpoint the cause of this behaviour. Instead of quiet walks in the evening, it may be better to find him some activity where he can expend all his excess energy. Let him run off steam. Real ADHD is not caused by the diet, but a bad diet can cause problems in children who don't have it.


Two things that you have mentioned ring some bells. You say his Daddy has gone off in the military so he of course must be missing him and his old routine. It may take him a little longer to settle into a new routine. You also mention a baby. How old is his brother. There may also be a link here. Does he get involved with helping look after his little brother? Maybe you could keep a kind of diary to see if you can pinpoint anything which may be the cause. I hope things work out for you. Good luck.