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Anyone else feel this way?
09/18/2009 at 09:47 AM

Just wondering... do you moms feel like you give and give and give and get little or no respect from your kids? How many of you feel totally exhausted and worn out? My boys have NLD which does affect how they act and I do take that into consideration. My kids live in a home with a mom and dad who love them and spend time with them and give them what they need. We do see a child psychologist at the advice of our dr. who also diagnosed our oldest as ADHD. We work so hard with our kids. To many people we look like a dysfunctional family, but it is because of the NLD which is basically invisible unless you know about it and what it entails. Anyways, just wondering if you ladies are or have gone through this. Guess I need some encouragement and advice.


I used to feel this way, but now that I have some children woh are grown, who have perspective and do from time to time let me know that having me as their mom was a good experience, I don't feel it. Instead I feel glad that I was able to become a steady and strong influence in the lives of my children and of some of their friends.

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Yes, all parents do at times when our children are small and demanding a lot of time and attention. Now that my children are grown, I miss the good old days, even the not so good ones! Now with a grandson on the way, I get to do it all again! YAY!!!!!!!

Thanks for your thoughts ladies. It just seems like "good days" are so few. I just hope I make it to see them have their own children. Only

I've been flagged again.... Ladies, I'm just trying to say thanks for your responses. I hope I get to see my boys with their own children... someday! :) Only