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Am i too harsh to my son?
10/04/2009 at 22:30 PM

I had promised to take my son to the movies today. However when i got home this morning he had turned on the iron box and placed it on several places on the carpet. He is six years old. I worked last night and left him with dad in my house. My dad is visiting and he does iron our clothes for us from the dining table. I took away his TV time for today and also cancelled the movie. I talked to him that if he has a good week ill take him to the movies next week. He cried but later we read books which he loves. Am i wrong for not taking him to the movies?

You did the right thing. Immediate consequences for inappropriate behavior. Good job, Mom!

I'm glad he understands that the iron is dangerous now but for goodness sake, why didn't your father put the iron away??? Just think if the house would have burned down and you could have NEVER taken him to see a movie again... Where was your dad when your son pluged the iron in? He is only six, he needs a babysitter!!!

Thanks. I see he still needs extra supervision and my dad is not just the right one. Thanks for your input.

Wait, why would you punish your child for this? Yes, it's EXTREMELY dangerous to play with an iron, yes, he NEEDS to know this (and yes, he needs to be supervised).. but kids are curious. They touch things. They play with things. Chances are, he saw Grandad using the iron and wanted to try it out. I understand why it's a huge issue, but I can hardly understand why it's a discipline matter.