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Advice needed re: Daughter selling crafts
01/24/2009 at 11:06 AM

I am a stay at home mom and I sell custom crafts to bring in some spending money. My 6 year old daughter also does crafts and is insistent that we sell hers too. A few close friends have given her a dollar or two for some glittery painted wooden shapes, and she immediately used that money to buy more supplies. How do I tell her that strangers are not going to be interested in her crafts(and our friends do not want any more!)? I love her enthusiasm and the drive that she puts into this, and I don't want to snuff out this entrepreneurial spirit, but this has become an obsession for her! Need some advice please!

How do you sell your crafts? Maybe you could try selling some of your daughters things if it is at events such as Fairs. Do you think she could cope with the disappointment if they didn't sell? Would that disappointment be worse for her than you telling her that they wouldn't sell? I think it is wonderful that she is so interested in crafts and immediately bought new supplies. Very entrepreneurial. It would be such a pity to squash this enthusiasm. Do you think she would be capable of doing some parts of what you make and sell. A kind of joint venture? Are there any craft groups available to her at school or in the neighbourhood. I am a bit obsessed with crafts myself I should have to admit and have tried so many. I make cards, scrapbook, cross- stitch, do Fimo, make models, etc, etc, etc. I can never resist buying a craft book if I see it in a charity shop either and have diverse titles.

You may be amazed how many people are interested in buying quirky crafts. She may start a new trend! Let her try to sell them and if they do not sell, then gently steer her toward another craft. My daughter sold string bracelets for years that I did not think would ever sell at all. She then moved on to shell necklaces and had a great time doing so. It did wonders for her self-esteem and kept her busy and focused for years to look on the bright side. Have fun with her!!!

Like the others have said, I don't think you shld discourage your daughter's interest in making and selling her crafts. You can give her pointers and other suggestions on how she can diversify her crafts (i.e.--make different kinds of jewelry, picture frames, whatever. Bring her to a craft store and let her choose different products. Go to craft shows together and get more ideas. Encourage her to broaden her knowledge by trying different things. You cld also sign her up for an art class if she enjoys this hobby so much, or you can maybe take a class together. It doesn't necessarily have to be painting. There are many introductory classes for sewing, pottery, stained glass, etc. Try different things. It cld be a fun mother/daughter activity to share. Who knows. It may even bring in new ideas and help w/ your business as well. Good luck, and have fun!