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activities and concentration levels
01/07/2009 at 16:51 PM

I want to know from anyones experience. if a child has more out of school activities such as swimming, dance, or riding lessons are there more likley to be well disaplined and have high concentration levels during other times. say my son has at least 5 diffrent activities during the week that he wishes to attend. is he most likley to fail in school and misbehave or will this constant motivation motivate him in school to do well and also teach him disapplin or am i wasting my money in the long run if they are things he could be doing with his mates because paying for all the activities they want to do can be costly but i am thinking it will be better for him in the long run.

I think extra-curricular activities for kids are great, but I think overloading them w/ too many things is not good. I know parents that have their kids in every sport imaginable, plus scouts, plus karate, and sometimes more. Not only wld all that running around make me crazy, but the poor kid is going to get burnt out. I say, let the kid be a kid. As far as schoolwork goes, you don't want to wear the kid so thin that he's too tired to do his homework or study for his next exam. I personally have my kids in two after school activities. I let them choose the activities after exposing them to a variety of different things. This way they cld get a feel for what they like best. I also agree that these activities are not cheap. I wanted to put both of my boys in karate, but it's very expensive. I told them they cld try a class at the YMCA to see if they like it. Then they can decide if they really want to do karate and give up one of their other activities. As an alternative, we do a lot of play dates or free activities through out town. These things break up our schedule a bit, but they're not mandatory. Therefore, we can go when we want, and the best part is we don't have to pay anything. Feel your kid out b/c every child is different. I think a lot depends on the age of the child, and his/her motivation to participate in these activities. I don't believe in pushing kids to do anything they don't want to do. Also, if you want them to stay focused, don't over do it w/ the activities. The kids will be exhausted, and then how can you expect them to concentrate? Having a well-rounded child is every parents' wish. Don't sit your kid in front of the TV all day, but do allow them down time for themselves.

I have three grown children. I followed the advice outlined by "concerned", they get to do two "extra" activities. The three oldest have completed their degrees, are working in their chosen fields, are in stable marriages, and are happy and productive in their lives. I followed concerned mom's program, up to two extra things, and time to be a kid. My 17-year-old is quite content with cello and a student-body office. My 11-year-old has a dance class and plays the trumpet.

thank you for your advice i do understand that they do get tired with too many activities i just like everyone else want them to be intrested in a variety of things i didnt know if other activities would alter there school life but 2 actiities seem reasonable for a child. thank you will give that a go hopfully he will also do well in school.

thank you for your comment it has helped.