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9 y/o and Hip Hop Dancing
10/11/2012 at 15:04 PM

I am at odds with my husband on this and I would like some other peoples opinions. My almost 10 y/o daughter wanted to try hip hop dancing. My husband was very much against it so he decided to put her in Jazz dance instead. She likes it ok but it isnt very high energy for her. She is a little overweight so I figured hip hop dance is high energy and faster moving and will help her stay active more. He competely thinks that I am pushing her into a culture where she will have attitude and be sassy and that it is inappropriate for a child to learn this style of dance and that only bad parents would let there kids take hip hop dance classes. Am I being a bad parent by allowing her to take this class?? Please help!

I personally feel there are all sorts of dance forms and music that can be appreciated. As long as you are raising your daughter with rules, structure, and boundaries, the attitude and sassiness (which can come from many different outside influences) can be addressed and managed if that ever becomes an issue. I hope this helps!

Hi there, As someone that owned a dance studio and have since retired I can tell you that your husbands point is valid, let me tell you why. Alot of parents will allow dance, any type to be the revolving factor in their childs world. There are some crazy dance moms out there and there are some great ones, that dance is only a part of life. I guess what I am trying to say is, talk to your husband and let him know that you will look for a dance program that has grounded families and that you will also make sure that what she does at dance stays at dance and the 'tude' will not follow her out of the car into the house. When it comes to the moves and style of hip hop, it is kinda like when elvis became popular, a lot of parents did not like it and the majority of the time it was because they were 'old' lol. You see what I am saying though right?