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1st grade homework
02/04/2014 at 00:33 AM

Hello, Im hoping to get some feedback regarding my 6 year old‘s schoolwork!

My child came home from school with a letter regarding an assignment/project. It stated that in science, they are learning *Conservation Of Resources & Recycling*. A project is being done by the first graders in this matter.
The letter says exactly the following: "In order for a Project to be considered "recycled", it CANNOT be just REPURPOSED (example-a water bottle decorated and used for a vase). It Must be CHANGED in a way and used for ANOTHER PURPOSE (example- a GLASS BOTTLE Broken into pieces, and USED FOR JEWELRY)". --!!

What exactly should be done here? Conservation of resources and recycling... first grade. Not doing a thing w broken glass here!

The broken glass was just giving you an example of purpose. Another example might be using old newspapers to make papier mâché objects, cutting up cardboard cartons to make models, using old letters and notepaper to make your own paper, which is lovely when you add petals etc to it. Cutting the sleeves off an old sweater and sewing them up to make a draught excluder. There are so many possibilities. Take a look in your local library or check on line. We are an eco-school so do so much recycling. I don't think the example was very well chosen for a young child, but there are plenty other things I'm sure your child and you might enjoy doing together. Have fun.