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14 yr old son living w/dad
10/15/2008 at 19:56 PM

I am worried about my son.  He is 14 yr old, living with his dad.  Doing very bad in school and his dad does not do anything about it.  His father is not teaching him good values of life.  I want my son to come back and live with us,  were I know he will grow up with morals and values.  He just does not want to do chores and live by the rules in our housedhold.  I just feel he going down the wrong path.

 I do not know how to help him see what he is doing to his life.  He is ruining it.  My family tells me to bring him home whether he wants to or not.  Honestly, before he moved out, he made life here better rough.  Help!!!

Can you force your son to come home? How wld his dad feel about that? Do you and your ex have joint custody of your son? If your son does come back to live w/ you, you need to set some serious ground rules. Your ex needs to work w/ you on these rules so that there's consistency in both households. If your ex just doesn't care, I suppose you cld fight for sole legal custody of your son if that's even doable under these circumstances. That's something you'd have to discuss w/ a lawyer. Good luck.