What does gooseberry mean to Keralites?
06/25/2011 at 02:41 AM

Go to any vegetable and fruit market in Kerala in September/October, and you will surely be attracted by the pile of fresh looking gooseberries. Keralites are so much related to this fruit, that anyone born and brought up in Kerala will have a nostalgic `taste' on his tongue – the taste of water taken soon after eating a gooseberry.
That taste lingers in the imagination of Keralites so much that it made the poet and Jnanpith Awardee ONV Kurup to refer to it in one of his popular poems, `Moham.'
It is again connected with the Malayali psyche through a proverb which draws a comparison between the elders' advice and the taste of gooseberries. It says that just like the taste of gooseberry – which is bitter first and then tastes sweet, the elders' advice won't seem to be acceptable first, but later it will turn out to be the leading light.
Gooseberry tree is cultivated in many parts of India and a variety called star gooseberries can be seen commonly in the residential areas of Kerala. In India it is such a popular fruit that almost all regional languages has a word coined for gooseberry. While Hindi-speaking North Indians call it amla, usirikayi is the Telugu word for it. It is called amlaki in Bengali and Nellikka in Malayalam. The fruit has rich Vitamin C content, and it is used for skin ayurvedic treatment.

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Probably the first thing I would do is contact the parents at the house where she stayed overnight w/o permission. Enlist their help in rebuilding an appropriate parental relationship with your daughter. You have a lot of rebuilding to do, and it would be wonderful to have their help. Of course, you don't know what kind of parents they are, so it may not be helpful. Still, have the conversation.


Jim tell us how you applied the sam advice to raising your children. You always revert back to your parents and you as a child, but dont give us the "If they had only done this", tell us what you did in your parenting.


In one of his posts, jim stated that he is not a parent. Question for you, Jim. Do you believe that your parents sought input from others (extended family, friends, clergy, school counselors) about what to do about the problems in your family?



The parents who are seeking information on this forum are the parents you wish you had. Don't be so mean to them. And it's just annoying, as you probably know, to be repeatedly directed to do something that you are already doing.

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