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12/30/2007 at 11:13 AM

I know this really goes at a much earlier age than raising teens, but if you haven't before, you better now! 

I am thinking about talking to my daughter who has just started her period about contracts, and how they are both implicit and explicit, and how she has a contract with those eggs that are maturing in her body, that she is obligated to provide a committed father to any eggs that are lucky enough to turn into an embryo. 

Too weird?


Yes, Too weird. Gail, I usually agree with the things you write here, but I have some reservations about this subject. First of all, most of us were teen’s at some point in our lives. We all know that guilt, and fear will not override hormones and desire. The fact is we are hard wired (no pun intended) to procreate, and to explore our bodies. The obligation, and lesson should be to respect herself, and her body. After that everything should fall in to place. Grown women have a hard time finding a committed man to be a father to the children they create together. How can such a young person ensure that? Right out of the gate she could feel like she has failed. Not to mention that this may backfire. Young love, though it is not what we call real love, puppy love I guess we could label it, is strong in children. The fact that a boy shows her attention and is nice could lead her to believe that he is the right guy. I always seen the girls who were busy were the hardest to date. They did sports, they were in different clubs, and were focused on school and college. I think it was you that gave advice to the young girl who couldn’t get over a past boyfriend. You told her to focus on school, and to do other activities to keep herself, and her mind busy. I think that could also apply in this situation. Not to mention large thorny rose bushes outside her bedroom window.


That's why I thought I'd put it here before I laid it on my hapless victim.  Anybody else have ideas?  Daughter is just 10, and we've had a pretty in-depth look at what her body is doing, but I want to prepare the ground for celibacy before marriage, fidelity after.


Hey singlDad.  I think you don't give children enough credit!