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spitting up
08/27/2007 at 11:39 AM

My 8 month old has started crawling for a few weeks now, and it seems like he's spitting up an awful lot now.  My husband and I think that it's because of the excersion it takes to crawl around and over stuff.  It doesn't seem to matter how long it's been since he's had a bottle or solid food...it can be 10 minutes after or 2 hours.  Is this normal?  Should we have less food and just feed him more often?  Our floors/furniture/clothes etc. would appreciate any advice:)

I would talk to my pediatrician about it.


Definately talk to your doc.  Since it happens when the babe is crawling--- horizontal position, maybe he has some reflux.  Moving around 2 hours after eating should not cause spitting up -----------period !  Good Luck.


Ask your doctor to check him for food allergies as well.  my baby spit up a lot and I found out she was allergic to milk and formula.  A lot of my friends had this problem as well, and one went as far as putting her child on breathing treatments and later found out it was the formula he was on.