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someone help please!!!
03/19/2008 at 15:27 PM

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this message board.  I need help on a subject of smoking.  My husband smokes, he sneaks and smokes in our one vehicle.  I have a son that has asthma and his twin occasionally has an asthma attack.  My question is "do anyone know any websites that have info on smoke that lingers on in a vehicle.  I have tried to explain to him the dangers of smoking because of our sons asthma, but Im hoping if I have something to back up what Im saying it would proably stick.  Due to the fact he smokes and I dont I can always smell it on him or in the van. Someone helppppppp! Please send the emails to

Here is a link that might help. Good luck with getting him to stop. Passive smoking KILLS.

Oops, forgot to put the link in. Here it is

Hi, In reply to your plead, I take it your not suppose to know that he is smoking. I must admit I am a smoker myself and I do have three children but we he have rules that must be adbided by us, family and friend and they are that under no condition does any body smoke inside the house, my car which is the primary vehical and also any other car the kids are in. You hubby should have some idea that you know and can smell it, and have the commitment not to do this for your sake and the kids, so maybe you could do something similar and see if he abides, if not I guess you could try barring him from the car until he wises up.

Hope this helps.